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Director of Building Construction Program & Director of Construction Resource Center

The professional accomplishments of Dr. Roozbeh Kangari

The BC program
Calendar of Events


Program Accreditation :  Accreditation of the BC program by American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).  ACCE is the only body recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) for higher education accreditation in construction.

Established the Building Construction and Integrated Facility Management Graduate Program :   This new graduate program enjoys strong financial support from the world's premier facility management group, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).


Established the Integrated Project Delivery Systems Graduate Program : The program attracts industry professionals from various sectors. It is strongly supported by the Design Build Institute of America?s (DBIA) professional association.


Established Ph.D. in BC :  Established the new Building Construction track in the Ph.D. Program.


Established an Aggressive Marketing and Recruiting Plan :  The number of BC students increased from 76 to 150 in undergraduate program during the last 5 years, and from 15 to 53 graduate students in the past 3 years. Established an aggressive marketing and recruiting program.


Established the  Building Construction Classic Golf Tournament (annually) :   Secured funding for BC student scholarships and recruiting programs.


Implemented an Aggressive Summer Internship Program : Implemented an aggressive student summer internship in collaboration with the construction industry in Atlanta. This course has become a required course.


Expanded the BC Curriculum :   The program introduced five new courses recommended by the Advisory Board.


Scholarships :   Provided more than $75,000 in Scholarships to BC students.


Distance Learning :  Established a strong Continuing Education program to assist companies and organizations such as: Home Depot, Wolf Camera, DBIA, AGC, Network Construction Services, and construction firms.


BC Buzz :  Established a strong network with BC Alumni through BC newsletter (BC Buzz). It regularly reaches more than 800 alumni, students and industry leaders.


Established the Alumni Board :   The Board consists of 26 active BC Alumnus, assisting the program in fund raising, and education improvement. Established three active subcommittees to assist the BC Director in marketing, networking, and curriculum development.


Research Grants : Program received more than $1,200,000 research and education grants during the past 5 years.


Fundraising : Conducted a successful fundraising during the past five years in excess of $2.5M from alumni and the industry.


Established Industry Advisory Board :   The Industry Advisory Board provides strategic directions to the BC Program. It consists of the executives of major general contractors, developers, builders, and government agencies.